Briane M. O'Dell – Co-Founder, Event Director

The Idea Guru

Co-Founder and Event Director, Briane O'Dell, is our "Idea Guru." She has an instantly contagious personality rich in wit, honesty, persistence and BIG ideas. She is a visionary with a “nothing is impossible attitude,” which has propelled her to elite professional levels from early on. Shortly after earning her business degree on scholarship from Grand Valley State University, Briane became the Branch Manager of a local bank where she earned several awards including "Branch Manager of the Year" and carried that resume with her to Florida in 2004. Despite her accolades in the banking industry, Briane had a passion to start her own event planning business that could encompass her creativity while utilizing her expert skills in sales and management. Her savvy business-sense paired with desire gave her the confidence to start Monark Events and has not looked back since! Briane has the unique ability to fuse big ideas with functionality providing her clients the event of their dreams.

Hillary K. Fosdyck – Co-Founder, Event Designer

The Detail Fanatic

Co-Founder and Event Designer, Hillary Fosdyck, is our "Detail Fanatic." Her passion and appreciation for art, culture and people are apparent in everything she does. Those passions paired with an adventurous spirit moved her to Minneapolis to study Spanish and Art at Bethel University. In 2002, she jumped at the opportunity to study abroad in Seville, Spain at the Center for Cross Cultural Studies. Hillary’s degree and appreciation for art with vivid colors and movement was inspired by her studies abroad. With that she brings an eye for detail and distinction. After graduation Hillary worked for a nationally respected salon/spa where she organized design projects, marketing and PR campaigns and photo-shoots. She moved to Florida in 2004 and began working as the Art of Living Director for several Northwest Florida communities producing events. These were the foundation for planning with flair and what gave her motivation to start Monark Events. As an artist, designer and planner, Hillary has the ability to tie together every event detail and aesthetic from beginning to end.

Nicki B. Robins – Event + Image Consultant (Nashville, TN)

The Trend Setter

Event and Image Consultant, Nicki Robins, expands the Monark brand to Music City, USA as The "Trend Setter." She brings with her a fashionable twist to the event world as she pairs strategic brand imaging with event planning. With a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Management from Western Illinois University and a knack for anticipating the next “big trend,” she keeps her clients a step above the competition. In 2003, Nicki accepted a job that moved her to Nashville, TN where she had her first taste of event consulting while coordinating corporate events at Eco-Energy, Inc. After having her two beautiful daughters, Nicki opted to stay at home while working as a corporate marketing and event consultant for clients who were looking for niche marketing events that would showcase their brand with a higher level of intent and purpose. From styling a photo-shoot to enhancing an ad campaign and from event conceptualization to dramatic event production, she has the ability to blend fashion with function in creating a brand for her clients all their own.

Nicole L. Skinner – Event + Image Consultant
(Grand Rapids, MI)

The Style Icon

Nicole L. Skinner, Event and Image Consultant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, takes Monark’s creativity to a new level in the areas of wedding planning and event design. Raised with the hands-on artistic talents of her mother and grandmother, Nicole learned at a young age the unique ways of exploring all avenues of design. At 19, Nicole became a makeup artist working with photographers from all over the country on fashion shows and events. This experience inspired her to pursue a career in the hair and makeup industry becoming a top stylist in West Michigan’s number one salon. Her fashion expertise, innovative design and sculptural artistry are unparalleled which is why she is named "The Style Icon." She has the ability to transform her client’s vision into an unforgettable masterpiece that they will be talking about for years to come.

Tori Fox – Assistant Coordinator

The Intern Extraordinaire

Assistant Coordinator, Tori Fox, accepted an internship with Monark Events in the summer of 2008 after completing her first year at college in Gainesville, FL. She returned to school to finish her sophomore year while traveling on weekends to assist Monark with coordinating events. Her extreme dedication, enthusiasm and willingness to learn earned her the title of “The Intern Extraordinaire.” After working with Monark Events for over a year, Tori decided that she wanted to pursue a career in the event planning industry. She is now attending Johnson Whales University in Charlotte, NC, which specializes in education in the areas of hospitality. She continues to work with Monark, traveling for large events to assist with coordination and logistics.